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Some IP cameras support CVBS output, please go to Configuration – Image – Display settings – Other - Local Output to enable it.


Possible reasons and solutions: Unmatched lens mount. There are two types of lens mount for box cameras,respectively are CS mount and C mount, the lens and camera must be matched with the same type. Use Focus in / focus out to control the Clarity. Check whether the lens or housing gets dirty. In case of strong light condition, please select electronic iris as the lens type.


Lack of power supply might cause phenomena as below: ICR switches frequently The camera’s image looks dark Some ripples appear in the image. The camera might reboot frequently


It’s caused by low color temperature.


The light is strong at day-time and the iris is small, the depth of filed becomes larger after focalizing. However, the iris becomes larger in the evening due to weak light and the depth of filed becomes smaller,leading to the object being monitored falling out of the depth of filed. The solution is that, please kindly set the camera to electronic shutter mode when trying to focalize using automatic iris lens (the automatic iris would be the largest), then change back to automatic iris mode. Or try to focalize under low illumination condition.


1. If it is the resolution problem, please kindly check whether it is the best resolution

2. If it is the lens quality problem, please kindly check whether there is any damage in lens, or whether there is fog, dust or other things which block light.

3. If it failed to focalize, please kindly try to adjust the lens or localize again, if there is no result, please kindly try to adjust the back focus ring.

4. If it is the first time to install the device please kindly check the lens interface. If it is a lens with C type mounting base, C/CS lens adapter ring should be used.


1. If there is pollution in sensor, please ask the professionals for help.

2. If it is an IR camera, please kindly check whether the lens is close to shield, whether there is specular reflection near the lens.

3. There are bad dots in the camera. Analog camera could detect this using bad dots detection function.


1. White balance problem is related with color temperature, please select corresponding white balance mode.

2. Weak light transmission would results in noise which would cause image color distortion.

3. Over exposure results in white image which would cause image color distortion.


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