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Lan Network

Today, your network cabling system carries the lifeblood of your organization - information. The installation, material, quality of cable and testing procedures are all much more critical in data wiring than in voice. The main reason for this is that networks today are designed to carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds.

Data Center Cabling - Because the server room is the centralized brain of your structured cabling system, we take special care to design and install it according to the highest standards.

Wireless Systems

Connect anytime, anywhere, for as long as you like with our Wi-Fi Internet Plan, unlimited high speed Wi-Fi connectivity at a price that is easy on your pocket.A popular feature for Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hospitals, Conference Halls, Exhibition Centers, Shopping Malls & the like.

Increase your revenue streams with minimum investment and at the same time add value to your customers, by enabling them to access the Internet whilst they utilize your professional services.Emac Technology revenue share option enables you to make money with zero investment.

Server Solution

Our Open Source server solutions are accepted as the most cost effective, high performance enterprise business communication servers in the market today

  • Anti-Spam / Email Security / Email Gateway server
  • E-Mail Cluster/High Availability Server
  • E-Mail Cluster/High Availability Server
  • E-Mail backup and Archiving Server
  • Zimbra Open Source E-Mail Collaboration Suit
  • E-Mail Clean Pipe Server
  • Email Monitoring/Statistics server
  • Advanced email management server
  • Email2SMS alerting server
  • Proxy Load Balancing/Failover with Multiple ISP Links
  • Proxy Monitoring/Statistics
  • Advanced Internet Access Control Management
  • Web content filtering
  • VPN Gateway services
  • Multiple Internet Link management Module
  • Comprehensive NAT gateways
  • Fiber Optic

    We install, terminate and test multi-mode and single-mode fiber. We've kept abreast of advances in the manufacture, termination and testing standards of fiber optic cable.


    Emac Technology specialises in providing small to medium businesses with professional Information Technology services. Our expert staff understand your need for dependable, long-term IT solutions and we will go the extra step to ensure your systems always run smoothl.


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