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Installed Sound Solutions

Installed sound solutions are required in applications ranging from rooms to buildings to a building complex, where the sound systems are permanently set up at the location.Whether it is a ceiling speaker or a wall mounted volume controller, our expert installations team installs, tests, and commissions these sound systems in a variety of sectors using the range of products from JBL-Harman and TOA to provide the suitable output and directivity required for both small and large scale installations.

Conference Sound Solutions

Our conference room audio systems are pre-configured to make it easy to specify and purchase the perfect complete audio solution for your conference room, boardroom, meeting room, training center or lecture hall. All of our systems are designed by Emac Technology' engineers and are ready to perform right out of the box or as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget. Emac Technology installed and portable communication solutions deliver consistent high-performance voice conferencing for nearly any type of room. Enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple communication systems to more sophisticated solutions with voice conferencing, wireless infrared communications and any number of chairman and delegate stations.


Emac Technology specialises in providing small to medium businesses with professional Information Technology services. Our expert staff understand your need for dependable, long-term IT solutions and we will go the extra step to ensure your systems always run smoothl.

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