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HTML Coding & Responsive

HTML stands for Hyper Text MarkUp Language, a language which helps in creating web pages of a site. In the process of website building, HTML coding plays a vital role. Images and objects which were created though graphics designing can be put together via HTML codes. Embedding proper HTML elements in the code structure thus gives shape and functionality to the original designs. Responsiveness of a website means it is easily navigable and can respond on any device like mobile phones, tabs, laptops & desktops. A responsive site provides liberty to the viewers to get necessary information whenever needed irrespective of hardware compatibility. Are you searching for expert HTML coders for your graphic designs? Do you think that by making your site responsive, you can attract more & more viewers? Well, then partnering with Emac Technology can be a smart choice.

PHP Development

A programming language which serves their purpose in the process of web development is “PHP”. It is free and open source and can be used by business owners of all categories because of its cost effectiveness. PHP is easy to learn & understand and can be easily installed on millions and billions of websites without any kind of hindrances.

In the field of web design and development, PHP is in great use and demand. This type of programming language helps in the integration of many web based applications. A fully editable website can be created with the help of PHP.

You get a wide range of PHP web development services from us. You can also hire professional PHP developer from us to give a professional touch to your site.

E Commerce Application Development

E commerce site makes interaction between buyers & sellers easy & free flowing. By developing a strong E commerce website, you can grab the attention of online shoppers from different parts of the world. This in turn brings profit to your business. Ecommerce shopping cart software and solution help in building ecommerce website of any size. The overall look of a site can be enhanced with the help of this type of software. A good looking E commerce website will be more appealing to your new and potential customers. We are here to design and develop an E commerce website for you catering to the requirement of your business. Our team of experienced web designers & developers can ensure you of giving a corporate look to your site

Website Maintanance

People say creating a website is not that of an uphill task but it takes some effort to sustain and maintain a smooth, hassle free website which is up to date and can enhance business profits. We at Emac Tevhnology have years of experience and expertise as a website maintenance company and we have realised that maintenance is a more costly affair than building a website. So we decided to help out our valued customers with best quality and economic website maintenance services and facilities which are tailor made to save your valuable time and money

Emac Tehnology is here at your service. If you don't want to linger upon with updating your website, then let us do it for you and we will leave no stone unturned to prove our mettle. In addition, we provide you the space to concentrate on things in which you turn out to be the best. The main areas of website maintenance and web site managements are many and these are getting wide day by day. We are one of the leading names among website maintenance company sri lanka and mainly focus on prime, important and broad segments of it.


Emac Technology specialises in providing small to medium businesses with professional Information Technology services. Our expert staff understand your need for dependable, long-term IT solutions and we will go the extra step to ensure your systems always run smoothl.


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